The enviable reputation of Hawk Cars was founded on the highly acclaimed HF2000 and HF3000 replicas. Later, the same high aesthetic and engineering standards were applied to the Hawk 289 and its stablemates.

These models have been designed for the discerning band of people who appreciate the classic lines and subtle styling of the original cars.

They are not only totally authentic externally, but are very convincing internally too! Areas such as the dashboard and interior door mouldings, which are the usual replica ‘giveaways’ can be finished as original and even some of the more hidden components are true to the original cars.

Manufactured to extremely high standards, with great attention to detail, many of Hawk’s cars have been known to cause even the experts to question their authenticity.


A few words from

Gerry Hawkridge


It’s an absolute pleasure and the greatest of privileges to be working within this specialist industry, producing and selling replicas of some of the greatest cars in automotive history.

In the 30, or so, years Hawk Cars Ltd have been operating, we’ve enjoyed the satisfaction of making our customers dreams become a reality many times over. 

As our product range has expanded and developed we’ve been able to not only produce the most accurate cars, but also supply the most authentic components to owners of original production cars, race teams and parts suppliers.


Gerry Hawkridge 2019

The kits and part-builds

We place a high value on our reputation for excellence, and all our chassis, engineering and fibreglass work is produced ‘in-house’ to a rigid specification. Selected components are bought-in only from specialist suppliers who are able to meet and maintain the high standards on which we insist.

To eliminate some of the problems faced by the home constructor, the Hawk 289 GRP range body/chassis is supplied with all bulkheads, inner wheel arches, boot and cockpit floors bonded in position, and jig mounted to the powder coated, steel chassis. Doors, bonnet (hood) and boot lid are all pre-fitted to the body using secret hinges, and original style door catches can be fitted.

The intermediate steering shaft and pedal box are included in the price of the starter kit. Also included, are the spare wheel well, dash panel, glovebox, centre tunnel mouldings and the modification of your steering rack.

All of the parts to complete the car, including donor car items, are available from us.

The standard body gel-coat finish is a light grey primer colour. However, a range of standard colours, available at extra cost, are obtainable for those wishing to retain a polished gel-coat finish. Although a very acceptable finish can be achieved from our fine gel-coat, we recommend that the car is spray painted on completion. This will not only enhance the appearance, but will also be reflected in the car’s resale value (if you could ever part with it). However, if initial costs are an issue, a gel-coat finish can easily be painted at a later stage.

Any of our model range can also be supplied in various stages of completion, and we will be pleased to discuss individual requirements or answer any queries you may have.

In the Hawk Cars range, we feel  that we have produced cars which offer quality, authenticity and performance – Cars for the Classic Connoisseur!


The Aluminium Range

The aluminium bodied versions of the models listed below (excludes the HF Series) are the ultimate in authenticity and quality. The bodies are millimetre accurate reproductions of the original cars, formed in hand-beaten and rolled aluminium to exact specifications. The chassis are also of the original round tube design and these, along with the specially made hubs and suspension components are also to original specifications, but using the latest materials and engineering methods.

In fact, the production of original spec’ components for our own cars has established Hawk Cars as the major supplier of parts and spares for original cars in the UK and Europe.

A thorough look at these cars being assembled in our works, combined with a close study of our company demonstrators will leave you in no doubt that these cars are about as close to the real thing as it is possible to get.


the hawk cars range

Hawk 1.8/2.6

We have talented automotive engineer and designer John Tojeiro to thank for the beautiful body lines and advanced chassis design, which brought us the AC Ace, back in the late 1950s. Today’s Hawk Ace replica reflects that same sentiment by the bucket-load!

Hawk 289 Roadster

Our tribute to the original Shelby AC Cobra;  This road-going version has all the fine details and features the same narrow wheel arches, knock-on wire wheels and a choice of V8 power plants to make all the right noises.

Hawk 289 Sebring

Developed out of necessity, this early racing style features extended wheel arches and wider alloy wheels, which made the Cobra the race-winning phenomenon of the early 1960s.

Hawk 289 Le Mans

To achieve high speeds on the Mulsanne Straight during the 1963 and 1964 Le Mans 24 hour endurance race, the AC Cobra was fitted with a fastback hardtop to improve aerodynamics.

Hawk 289 FiA

More developments to chassis, body and engine brought us just 5 original 289 FiA Cobras – We replicate the most potent of those open-top racers.

Hawk Coupe

An exact replica of the breathtaking Cobra Daytona Coupe, Hawk’s latest model in the range is authentic in every detail – The perfect choice for anyone wanting to enter into historic racing.

Hawk HF 2000-3000

If rallying is your thing, then Hawk’s beautifully engineered tribute to the one of the most iconic race cars of the 1970s brings you Lancia Stratos styling with driving characteristics and handling to match.  

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