Hawk HF 2000-3000

The stratospheric Hawk HF 2000-3000

Less familiar to some, the Hawk HF series kits are based on a famous design of sports car that was used in motorsport in the seventies. The uncompromising two-seater, mid-engined layout gives excellent handling and the competition-bred design of these kits give the driver an almost unique motoring experience.

These cars have had the highest acclamation from all sectors of the motoring press for not only their quality and visual accuracy but also for their excellent balance and handling characteristics. These features combine to make ownership of what is undeniably an aesthetically beautiful body form, also a great delight to drive. 

Like the real thing, the chassis is beautifully constructed to accept all the right components for a compact, well-balanced driver’s car. Combine with its authentic interior, brilliant handling, superb engineering quality and great performance, the Hawk HF 2000-3000 series is certainly a rally enthusiasts dream!

Power Plants

A choice of engines – from the willing and easily tuned Lancia 2-litre (with turbo or supercharged options as well!) through to the really fabulous power of the 164 3-litre V6 Alfa engine. Of course, you can fit an original Ferrari 246 V6 or Ferrari 308 V8, if funds permit.

The following list shows the model designations of these kits:-

HF2000  2-litre Lancia Beta/Thema/Delta engine, 8v/16v/Turbo/Volumex

HF2400  2.4 litre Ferrari Dino V6 engine

HF2500  2.5 litre Alfa Romeo V6 from the 155 (not the GTV6 or 75/Milano)

HF3000  3.0 litre Alfa Romeo V6 from the 164, 12v or 24v (not the 75/Milano)

HF3000QV  3.0 litre Ferrari Quattrovalvole

Mountings for other engines can be arranged, but for most people this is a large enough list to choose from.


A choice of body styles – from the pretty original Road or Stradale body to the stunning GP.4 Alitalia style with its cavernous rear wheel arches – or even the really aggressive square wheel arch GP.4 version. In fact, all the body panels are so accurately made that they are regularly used as replacements for original cars. Why not see for yourself, contact us for a demonstration, see us at a kit show, book a visit to our works or ask for full details on these and other cars in our range.


The HF range chassis, manufactured from folded steel and tube, is closely modelled on the original, down to the removable rear cage cross-member. It is extremely strong but substantially lighter than the original, and includes such details as mounting points for three or four point harnesses and alternative engine mounts. It is powder coated, with brackets and mountings for all mechanical components already fitted, and comes complete with full competition roll cage.

The HF range body is an exact replica of the original, right down to the finest detail, such as the four individual aluminium louvre panels. When working on our GRP, the emphasis is on quality – we regularly supply panels to owners of the original car. The panels are made in a heavy lay-up, in an immaculate grey gel finish, while the dash and instrument binnacle come ready-finished in black leather-grain.

The tub is already bonded to the chassis, and wheel arch panels and front bulkhead are also fitted, as are the alloy floor and cad-plated pedals.

The kits include the superbly engineered chassis, with integral roll cage, body tub, floors and bulkheads all fitted. The various wishbones, steering arms, rear hub-carriers, radius arms, rose joints and Nylatron bushes etc. are also included to enable the rolling chassis to be completed.


A supple ride is assured by the long travel suspension and carefully tuned damping and spring rates.

Critical suspension components, such as upright extensions, are machined from 56 ton spec. steel, and are heat treated and surface ground. All suspension parts are either nickel plated or epoxy coated.

The front suspension offers the exact geometry of the original. The rear suspension is visually identical but revised roll centres, together with the facility of front and rear adjustment, make the HF range ideal for road, as well as competition use.


Due to the very restricted availability of the ‘coffin-spoke’ style wheels used on the original Lancia Stratos, Hawk Cars have arranged for remanufacture of new alloy wheels to this original and popular design. The new versions of these wheels are suitable for use on original cars, as well as on our HF2000 – HF3000 replica.

Wheel Spec’s

  • Two sizes available, 8″ or 12″ width; both in 15″ diameter
  • Stud pattern for Lancia/Ferrari PCD (108mm, as per original Stratos),
    or for Alfa Romeo five-stud PCD (98mm, for fitment to HF3000 replicas)
  • Cast and machined by a reputable manufacturer of alloy wheels
  • Wheel rim design allows for fitment of larger brakes than original wheels
  • Material is a light and strong aluminium alloy (not magnesium alloy)

Optional Extras

Left-hand drive  Available for any of the HF Series models.

Group 4 Bodykit  Wide arched body, spoilers, roof vent, lamp pod.

Kevlar Body  A more robust option to GRP.

Group 4 Square Arches   Option to convert a standard kit to the late GP.4 style.

Tail Spoiler  This wedge-shaped spoiler as on most models.

Roof Spoiler  An airfoil-type spoiler across roof section.

Front Spoiler  This chin spoiler fits to the nose panel.

Model Specifications

Layout  Mid-engine, rear wheel drive.

Chassis  Tubular steel, folded section frame.

Body  Unstressed GRP.

Brakes  9.5″ discs all round, vacuum assisted.

Steering  Rack and pinion, 2.75 turns, lock to lock.

Front Suspension  Lower transverse arm. Forward locating link (adjustable). Upper wishbone (adjustable). Coil-over shocks (adjustable). Anti-roll bar (optional).

Rear Suspension  MacPherson strut with reverse lower wishbone, leading link (adjustable). Anti-roll bar (optional).

Kerb weight  1800lbs (depending upon spec’).

Weight Distribution  Front – 43%. Rear 57%.

Wheelbase  85 inches.

Track  Front – 56.3″. Rear – 57.5″

Length  146 inches.

Width  68.9 inches.

Height  43.9 inches.

Ground Clearance  5.1 inches.


Because the HF range kit is manufactured to the highest standards, and includes all-new suspension parts, it is straightforward to assemble, and the final car should look and perform like a production car.

We are happy to assist customers with advice on construction. We estimate that 300 hours should be allowed to complete the car.

All parts necessary to complete the HF range are available from Hawk Cars, so please do not hesitate to contact us as our stocks are constantly changing. We can usually obtain any part you require. 

Due to our policy of continual improvement, we reserve the right to amend the kit specification without notice.




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