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more to us than meets the eye

Hawk Cars have a wealth of experience in engineering design and development, along with many skills in fabrication and bodywork creation and repair. The same activities that we perform in producing and building kit cars and components may also be provided as services or individual tasks to discerning customers.

Much of the private work that we perform is commercially sensitive and cannot be announced to the public. You may appreciate our confidentiality as well as our skills and thoroughness in doing a good job.

The types of work that we have performed include the creation of items for display stands – and not just for the automotive industry. There are a large number of race cars that use grp-type bodywork created by Hawk Cars, either for complete bodies or for repairs to existing vehicles, of new or old design.

We do work with other specialist car manufacturers, for mainstream markets as well as the kit car business, in design, development and manufacturing. Hawk Cars provide components used by other manufacturers to allow their cars to meet IVA requirements, or for other needs that can only be met by a specialist such as ourselves.

If you have a need for engineering design, manufacturing, or composite bodywork creation, then you should contact us to discuss your requirements. You can view the quality of our existing work or obtain industry references to back up our claims.


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