Hawk coupe

The sensational Hawk Coupe

In 1964, Carroll Shelby, Peter Brock and team took a 289 Cobra chassis and within 90 days produced one of the most awesome of Cobra variants. This new coupe version proved itself at the world famous Daytona circuit and from that success was given the name; Cobra Daytona Coupe. If detail is your thing, then you couldn’t get any more accurate when it comes to the specifications of the Hawk Coupe. Period correct in every detail and able to comply with FiA requirements, this is the car of choice for Cobra enthusiasts who wish to race in historic events.

The Hawk Coupe’s aluminium body and chassis is the ultimate in authenticity and quality. The bodies are millimetre accurate reproductions of the original cars, formed in hand-beaten and rolled aluminium to exact specifications. The chassis are also of the original round tube design and these, along with the specially made hubs and suspension components are also to original specifications, but using the latest materials and engineering methods.

In fact, the production of original spec’ components for our own cars has established Hawk Cars as the major supplier of parts and spares for original cars in the UK and Europe.

A thorough look at these cars being assembled in our works, combined with a close study of our company demonstrators will leave you in no doubt that these cars are about as close to the real thing as it is possible to get.


Features include:

 Type: 2 seater fixed head coupe.

 Coachwork: All aluminium body on a round tube steel frame.

 Safety: Internal roll cage. Seat belts.

 Chassis: 3 inch round tube, with folded steel outriggers, fully sealed and bushed where appropriate.

• Engine: 8 cylinder 289 cu inch, Ford V8.

• Gearbox: Borg Warner T-10M 4 Speed Manual (3.09 ratio).

• Differential: Salisbury with various gear options.

• Front suspension: Independent, transverse leaf spring, telescopic dampers.

• Rear suspension: Independent transverse leaf spring, with telescopic dampers.

 Brakes: Discs to the front and outboard discs to the rear. Servo, or non-servo assisted. 4 pot front calipers and adjustable brake bias options also available.

 Wheels: Staggered 15 x 9 alloy rear, with 255/60×15 tyres. 15 x 6 alloy front, with 215/65 x 15 tyres.

 V8 performance: 0 – 60 mph in under 5 seconds, with top speed around 180+ mph.

 Overall Dimensions: Length = 3710mm (146″). Width = 1500mm (59″). Height  = 1200mm (47″). Wheelbase = 2210mm (87″)


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